Rock Road © Rock Road Seafood Restaurant Sdn Bhd reserved the rights on all photographs published.  All rights reserved. 2013                                                  Done by: SCLee & Sarah B. 2013                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Photograph by : SCLee 2013        Seafood Restaurant  * About menus are subjects to 4%S.Charge and 6% GST and are excluding of beverages*                (V/JAN2016) ** Price quoted may vary and is subject to size & weight (RM/KG). The price for the menu is subject to change without prior notice**   2016 SET MENU 1 APPERTIZER TWO IN ONE CREAMY CORN & CRAB MEAT SOUP DEEP FRIED CHICKEN WITH LEMON SAUCE STEAM FISH IN CANTONESE STYLE MIXED VEGETABLE WITH CASHEW NUTS PRAWNS IN HAINANESE STYLE & BUNS BRAISED BEANCURD IN SZE CHUAN  STYLE YONG CHEW FRIED RICE LOCAL MIXED FRUITS RM 358.00 ++   SET MENU 2 COLD DISH THREE IN ONE SEA CUCUMBER SOUP DEEP FRIED CHICKEN IN THAI STYLE STEAM TERAPIA IN CANTONESE STYLE BABY KAILAN WITH OYSTER SAUCE SALTED EGG SHRIMPS FRIED RICE WITH ASSORTED SEAFOOD LOCAL MIXED FRUITS CHINESE PANCAKE RM 388.00 ++   SET MENU 3 4 IN 1 HOT & COLD COMBINATION CHICKEN SOUP WITH CHINESE HERBS BRAISED LAMB SHOULDER WITH BROCCOLI MIXED VEG WITH ABALONE CLAMS DEEP FRIED FISH IN THAI STYLE PRAWNS IN HAINANESE STYLE & BUNS FRIED NOODLES WITH ASSORTED SEAFOOD PUDDING MIXED FRUITS CHINESE PANCAKE RM 438.00 ++   SET MENU 4 5 IN 1 HOT & COLD DISH COMBINATION FISH LIPS & CRAB MEAT SOUP STEAM CHICKEN IN ALUMINIUM FOIL STEWED BABY KAILAN WITH DRY SCALLOP STEAM SEABASS IN SZE CHUAN STYLE FRIED NOODLES IN SINGAPORE STYLE BRAISED SEA CUCUMBER WITH BROCCOLLI LOCAL MIXED FRUIT CHINESE PANCAKE RM468.00 ++