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Rock Road
© Rock Road Seafood Restaurant Sdn Bhd reserved the rights on all photographs published.  All rights reserved. 2013                                                  Done by: SCLee & Sarah B. 2013                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Photograph by : SCLee 2013       
Seafood Restaurant 
Pick Up Menu 1) CHICKEN A) Deep Fried Boneless Chicken 1a) with Fried onion ring 2a) with Lemon sauce 3a) with Mango sauce 4a) with Thai Style 5a) White Pepper sauce  B) Stew Chicken 1b) with Tomato paste 2b) with Kachama Leaf 3b) with Curry powder and potato 4a) Kurma 5a) with Ginger & Spring Onion D) Roast Chicken 2) FISH  A) Deep Fried Fish Fillets 1a) with Sweet and Sour sauce 2a) with Butter cream sauce 3a) with Sambal sauce 4a) with Mango sauce 5a) with Black Beans sauce 6a)  with Black Pepper Sauce B) Steam Fish 1b) Cantonese Style (soy sauce) 2b) Asam Sauce 3b) Ginger Paste 3) VEGETABLE a)   Mixed Vegetable with C.Nuts b)    Braised Cabbage with      Dried Scallops c)    Braised Cabbage with      Shredded Chicken d)    Kailan with Oyster Sauce   e)  Stew Vegetables with Curry
4) BEAN CURDS Local or Japanese Bean Curd a)   Dumpling Style (Home made) b)   Braised with black mushroom c)    'Si-Chuan’ Style (Spicy) 5) RICE OR NOODLES Rice  a)  'Yong Chow’ fried rice  b)   Raisin fried rice  c)   Thai Style fried rice  d)   Steam Fragrant Rice or  Noodles / Bee Hoon / Tang Hoon a)  Shredded Chicken Noodles b)  Cantonese Style Noodles/Bee Hoon c)  Singapore Style (Dry) Noodles/Bee Hoon d)  Thai Style (Dry) Noodles/Bee Hoon e) Fried Dry Tang Hoon 6) ROLLS & SEAFOOD Meat Rolls a)      D/F Seafood Meat Rolls with Sweet Sauce b)    D/F Spring Roll & Samosa (Vegetarian) 7) MEAT ITEM BEEF / LAMB a)   Beef Curry with Potato b)   Beef Stew with carrot and black fungus c)   Beef ‘Rendang’ (Malay Style) d)   Braised Beef Steak in Chinese Style e)   Stir-Fried Beef with Black Pepper or Ginger f)    Stew Lamb (mutton) with black fungus g)  Fried Lamb Ribs with French Fries h)  Stew Lamb with Curry Powder & Potato or i) Roast Duck ii) Deep Fried Crispy Chicken Wing
8) SEAFOOD A) PRAWNS 1a) Butter Prawns Thai Style 2a) Salted Crispy Prawns 3a) Prawns with spicy Asam sauce 4a) Prawns in Hainamese Style + buns 5a)  Stir Fried Shrimps with Salted Egg Paste 6a)  Stir Fried Shrimps with Mustard Sauce or B) SQUIDS /CUTTLE FISH 1b) with dry chili 2b) Hainamese Style and buns 9) COLD  APPETIZER a)       Cold  Dish Varieties b)  “Umai” Seafood 10) ROAST ITEM (Optional) a) Roast Lamb Shoulder  RM 100.00 P/KG                                     (SIZE: 2.5KG-3.5KG++) b)  Roast Lamb Leg          RM 100.00 P/KG                                 (SIZE: 2.5KG-4.0KG++) c)       Roast Potato            RM 2.50 (1 Pcs)  PRICE LIST (PER-PAX) AS PER-ABOVE CATEGORY CATEGORY SELECTION   PRICE PER-PAX (RM) 1 to 7 + fruits 23.00 1 to 8 + fruits 27.00 1 to 9 + fruits 32.00 *THE PRICE LIST ABOVE is ONLY VALID FOR THE SELECTION OF     ONE ITEM FROM EACH CATEGORIES ACCORDING TO THE   SEQUENCE. * MINUMUM ORDER REQUIREMENT  not least than 30 pax * Prices above is subject to  6% GST * Pick Up Menu 2018**
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