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Rock Road
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Seafood Restaurant 
Printable Pick Up Menu
Pick UpMenu * Food prepared in disposable   aluminium tray * Fresh and warm on the time of pick up * No set up and delivery needed * Eco friendly biodegradable    plates, plastic forks & spoons and serviette provided
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 Term and conditions: 1) Full payment must be made in advance. Payment mode: Cash or credit card only. 2) Cancellation Cancellations must be made in writing 72 hours prior to the pick up. A penalty     of not less than 50% of the order sum will be imposed for cancellations less than 72 hours. 3) Equipment of Hire catering equipment are excluded under this condition.  alternatively, the range     of catering equipment is available for hire.  The rate and range will be provided by our consultants     upon request. We will assist the client in securing additional equipment.  If any damages or shortages     happen during the hiring, the client will be held responsible to make good and rectify the situation. The     client undertakes the responsibility by return the hired equipment in the same condition it was     received. 4) Drink         Soft drink : RM3.50 per pax ( limited flow)         Cordial drink : RM2.50 per pax (limited flow)
Enjoy UP to 10% off the normal Buffet Menu *Self Pick Up hassle free service with 3 simple steps:
    @ Rock Road Seafood Restaurant Sdn Bhd reserve the rights on all photographs published.  All rights reserved.2016                                                                   S.C.Lee 2016